Jobs and Apartments. Together


Our mission is to connect the dots between the rental housing market and multiple job markets.

For Candidates
We aim to make it simple and efficient for people to find their next great job, working with a great team, a great company, and living in a great location and apartment. We aim to do this under one roof.

For Recruiters, Employers, Landlords and Brokers
Listing your job(s) and apartment(s) with Work&Rent guarantees higher search rankings in job and apartment websites like Google Jobs, higher visibility in search engines, and higher quality candidate engagement. Recruiters, Employers, Landlords and Brokers receive the ability to post unlimited jobs and apartment listings on behalf of your company on a fair priced monthly subscription plan.


Our vision begins with a few questions...

Landlord: "What is your annual income?"

Recruiter: "Where are you located?"

While these questions may sound trivial, they are highly significant in screening candidates during initial housing and hiring procedures.

So, what is our vision?
Simply put, our long-term vision is to end unemployment and end homelessness.


Work&Rent was founded by Eric David Smith


Jobs and Apartments. Together


Brooklyn, New York


We launched in October, 2020


See our mission & vision above...


Free first listing? We're sold!

Honestly what a great discovery! We were looking to publish our jobs and we found Work & Rent. The ability to publish a new job listing for free was all my CEO needed to hear for the green light!

Work & Rent

This concept is so obvious - it's shocking that larger real estate companies don't provide job listings as well. I'm a job seeker and I am also looking for a new apartment. What a great service. Thanks for saving me time and money! ❤️